Yes, it has been three years since I posted anything at all… wow, time sure flies!

Miss A is now in 4th grade and Princess C finally entered Kinder!




This past weekend, princess had her 3rd dance performance. It was her first hip hop debut.

She was awesome.

No, I’m not biased. ūüėČ

It’s not a dance performance if the dancer doesn’t get flowers!


Now bring on our summer vacation!!!

Princess won her first coloring contest!

She came in 3rd in her age group.

She was super excited for the ice cream prize and being in the newspaper.

Congratulations, princess. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

Princess Ash had her dance performance for ballet this past weekend.

Saturday and Sunday .. whew!

They danced to The Lion King… the outfits were just too cute!

Of course, flowers for my beautiful lioness.

And big sisterly hugs!

Dance performance number three is this weekend… wish us luck!

Pictures to follow, of course!

I can’t believe that my princess is officially done with Kindergarten.

First grade here we come….

At the dinner table one night…

“Mommy, what’s Valium?” Princess asked.

Husband and I gave each other a look….

“Where did you hear that word honey?”

“I don’t know, but it’s a funny word, isn’t it?”

“Oh yes, that is a funny word, where did you hear it from? Or did you make it up?”

“I don’t remember where…”

“School or maybe daycare?” I asked

She thought about it for abit, then said, “I think on the TV.”

Minutes past as I wonder¬† if they would mention Valium on the Disney Channel or maybe PBS…

“There! Mommy, there!” As she pointed to the TV.

It says… “VOLUME”

I’m still here…. just so busy with all the end of the school year stuff – you know?

Anyhow, princess Ash is gearing up for two dance performances that spans two weekends. I hope I get through it with no more than a glass of wine. I’m more nervous than she is and have more things to do. Lots of coordinating, pinning, sewing, prepping of the big shows.

I promise to post pictures after the shows. I’m going to be one proud mama – no matter how she does.

Oh yeah – that and let’s not forget the summer camp line ups… but one thing at a time. Those will be another time and post!

You know what is the trouble with having a toddler that has just became aware of pee and poop?

No. It’s not the fact that she takes off her diaper without notice and sometime poop will fall out and smears on my floor.

No. It’s not the million times a day when she tries to sit on the pot. Just so that she can flush the toilet.

No. It’s not that ‘going potty’ comes up every other sentence.

It’s night-time¬† around 3am to be exact. When my lil toddler¬†will wake up and ….

¬†“Mommy, I have poops.”

“No you don’t. Go back to bed.”


“Do you mean you have pee?”


“Do you have poopoo water?”

“Yes! I have pee… CHANGE ME!”

It is sooooo not cute at 3am… EVERY NIGHT.

Princess has been practicing reading …

“OH-MY-GAWD¬† three !”

“huh? what’s wrong with 3?” I asked.

“OH_MY GAWD three!” she repeated.

I paused and looked at what she was reading….

She was reading one of my vitamin bottles and it said “OMEGA-3”.

“Ah, ¬†OMEGA 3!”

“Yeah, it said – fish oil, oh-my-gawd 3.”


Today, princess had a playdate at a classmate’s house. She’s been on other playdates and this one wasn’t going to be any different.

Except she came home proclaiming that she wishes to have a home like her classmate’s instead of ours.

It wasn’t that¬†this was the best or the fanciest¬†house she had visited. But I still felt like I was a bad provider because¬†I am not able to provide her with a home that she is proud of. She had flat-out refused when I asked her if we should invite her friend over next time.

“No. I’d rather have it at her house.”

“We should have her over sometime too.” I said.

“Why? So it’s fair?” She asked.

“Well, to be honest, yes.” I answered.

*she pouts and crosses her arms*

“What’s so fair about that? Why is it fair when I don’t have a house like hers?¬† She has a much better house than mine.”

I can’t wait for the next 10 years.

Please send lots of Tylenol and cases of wine.


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